2am thoughts.

Well, I guess it can’t be helped. I was about to go to sleepĀ  but I just can’t. It’s the 29th now. I’ve got 3 more weeks ’til I go back to Melbourne. Well, that also means, 3 more weeks till i get back to work.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job ;). and I’m the one who insists to go back to Melbourne earlier so that I can work. But it’s 2am, and your mind is a lil bit tricky, you know that?

Well, the truth is, maybe I am a little bit scared to go back to work.

I hate failure. All of us hate that word. Now I’m afraid that my manager will think of me that way.

I’ve been away from work for 2 months and now I’m forgetting everything. I’m used to my old life, being served, no need to do anything at all. I no longer remember the ingredients in the sandwiches, nor I know how to do stuffs properly again. I’ve tried to remember, but I just couldn’t remember all the details. I no longer know which cakes have what names, moreover the flavors.

Well, I’m quite sure when I get back to work these memories will return to me, but I’m just afraid that it will take longer time.

When you’re not working, all you want to do is apply for a part-time job. When you have a job, you’re thinking of quitting, what a pathetic truth ;p.

I think that’s when commitment kicks in, right?

I remember one day. I was working. It was a very tiring day. A lady walked in and bought coffees. And she said, “It’s nice to see a smiling face here.”

That’s what I’m aiming for.

Something that I hope I will not forget.


after a break…

first year is officially over, holiday has officially started for the past month, results are out (and so happy that they are better than last semester’s), and my first sis’ holy matrimony is done! whoof, so much happened in the past weeks, and haven’t got the time to update…

well, holiday’s been great so far. lots of eating. lots of drinking (whoops; water, coffee, and of course, occasionally wine lol). lots of playing (and i do mean lots. like lots. been playing legend of dragoon, final fantasy 8, blah… spent like 5 hours per day…okay maybe not hahah). not so much of… catching ups with friends (uppss,, sorry guysss!). lots of my eldest sis’ wedding preparation. lots of taking pictures. lots of watchinggg… etc etc. holiday’s been crazy, and im lovin it! whooohooaaa!

okay, so first of all, my second semesterrr… ive been studying two arts subject, one psych, and one marketing subj… and the least subj that i like turned out to get the best result, how sad is that? hahaha. but anyway, the results are quite good, i believe i can treat myself a very good dinner lol. quite proud of myself as well, to be honest! hahah. been bbq-ing cookinnnngg and visiting mt dandenong in melbie b4, but gotta give one full post on this one so… ;p

secondd, my sis’ wedding (holy matrimony in singapore). it was great! (and my singing turned out to be not too bad.. even though i forgot the lyrics!! oops…) im going to dedicate one full blog on my sis’ wedding, so stay tuned for the next post lol.

and next…. im getting fat. me is officially fat, so sad. and it’s my sis’ wedding, which makes it double sad. *sigh. haha, but i really got no intention to be a lil bit ‘skinnier’, instead i keep asking my mom, “what’s for dinner???”. sad. LOL. and the best part of jakarta… they got the best ‘bakmi ayam’ ever!!!!

anddddddd…. final fantasy 8 is truly AWESOME. it’s just the best rpg ever (next on the throne is legend of dragoon, legend of mana, and final fantasy 7). ive played the game from the beginning again (for the sixth time), and havent been able to put down my playstation 1 (except because of the wedding). going to play it again asap lol. still love you, squall leonhart!;p

nexttttttt on the listttt,,, went to the IICS xmas celebration, so happy to meet some of high school friends and of course the teachers!!! Sir Aldjento, thx for the xmas card!! ;) been missing you sirrr… and catch ups with mrs Ireng, sir Marcello, miss Yuliii, and the otherss… i still owe IICS another visit! next stop, january! hahah

went raftingggg (happy happy happy), thx for arranging the trip, my Prisma church comcell!! ;). it was great, lots of fun, lots of catching ups, and me know more about soccer now!!! (hahaha guys, u’ve been talking on and on about barca, chelsea, man-u, indo-malay, indo-filipin, indo indo indo, soccer soccer soccer…blah. dang….)

lastly, sorry for my broken english. its hols, and uni’s over for a while. think its good to speak in broken english sometimes. ive been improving my singlish and broken english a lot. even my brother in law (who lives in singapore) says to me, “you are a better singlish speaker than me”. lolll what does that mean… hahaha.

so… tomorrow me going to do another gown fitting for the jakarta’s wedding…hopefully it fits!

oh yeahhh, went to univ studio sing for the second time,.. it was great!;). l.o.v.e themepark!

and whoops, forgot to mention, i (well, my second sis n me), got a new camera!!! welcoming the new canon powershot g12!!!!! LOLLLL!!

happy holiday guys!:)

ps. sorry for the mumbling, me got caffeine rush todayy wohoo…