Social Network (2010)

mp’s rating: unrated.

I can’t rate this movie. I just can’t. I can’t judge it in the positive way, nor I can judge it in the negative way. I am lost between two.

Facebook. Do you know how many hours per day I spent on Facebook? Plus doing everything else, I’d say 6 hours (yes, 6). From dinner time which is around 6 or 7 I start going online and leave my laptop on until I slept at around 1 or 2. Pretty scary, huh? The exact amount of time that I spend on Facebook, literally only Facebook? I’d say two hours. I spend two hours everyday to check my profile, reply messages, change profile pictures, look at my friends’ updated status, and upload photos. To say it in another way, I spent six hours busy everyday building up my virtual life instead of my real life.

As an Arts student, you are expected to know what is called the gravatar, the social networking, the social acceleration that is happening in the world right now, and how Jean Baudrillard said that it now comes down to the ‘representation’ of the reality – the simulacrum. You are expected to know the era of “Death of Embarrassment”, where people literally give up every bit of information online, less sense of privacy. I know, I may care more about my gravatar rather than my real character in person.

Facebook enables sharing and connecting. Connecting the world. But everything comes with a price.

I won’t say that social networking is bad – I just feel sad to say that I’m kinda addicted. Yes, I have more connections, yes, I interact with people more. But yes, I gain more in quantity, less in quality.

Back to the movie. It’s not the type of movie that you’ll watch twice. It’s the type of movie that you either really like it, or really hate it. It’s the movie that gives you information, very interesting information, and makes you interpret the codes.

Based on the movie alone, I’ll say there is a thin red line between knowing what is the right thing to do and the best thing to do. It doesn’t make any sense? yes, you’re right.

We live in the era where everything is instant. Even communication is accelerated. social relationship is fast-forwarded.

The question is, what is your response?

My lecturer argued that social acceleration gives us no time for reflection. I think he’s right. We have less time to stop and think of what we’ve done. We are expected to know more new things, read more news, got more knowledgeable. But we are not taught how to stop, reflect, and think about how all these changes in the world have changed us, either positively or negatively.

I’m just scared. Scared that I only care about the superficial me, and not the real me. Scared that I put a third of my life into the virtual life, and not the real one. Scared that someday, I will update my profile more instead of forging my character.

But social network is a good thing to share your life with others ;). it’s the place where you can be a light, to use it for the glory of God. It ends up on how you are using it.

In the end, what’s the use of a person gaining the whole world, but loses his soul? ;)


NDE #1

TWO days ago my sister and I had a Near Death Experience (NDE) in our apartment, time 8:30 pm, and perhaps, nearly put our kitchen on fire. How did it happen? Well, let me tell you the story.

We were making dinner (with menu: fried rice) and my sister was cooking the prawns and blah at that time. I was taking the rice out of the rice cooker, and planning to put it on the pan.

As my Mom always tells us to put newspapers beside the pan (to cover all other equipments so that they will not be oily blah), my sister put the newspaper near the rice cooker, in order to cover the rice cooker from being oily.

Only this time, the newspaper was put too near to the stove.

I was taking out the rice, while suddenly the newspaper slid by an inch and came in contact with the fire, which made the newspaper – oh well, on fire.

We were in panic, and my sister waved the newspaper in an attempt to put out the fire, but guess what? The fire was getting bigger! lol

Then I told her to put the newspaper in the sink and run water through it, hoping that it would put the fire out (50-50 chance here, either it would burn our kitchen or kill the fire!)

Luckily, the fire was slowly having its funeral, but the black remnants of the burnt newspaper was already everywhere (i.e. making our apartment extra dirty ;p).

Quickly I turned off the fire from the stove and we opened the veranda’s door and tried to turn off the alarm – which had been ringing for the past minute or so.

Crime Scene Revisited: The rice cooker, newspaper, stove and pan (left to right)

After all been said and done, we had a very good laugh and kept wondering why we did such silly things, she started cooking again and I did some cleaning for the apartment.

Still shocked and at the same time laughing frantically about the event, we vowed not to tell our Mom (which I hope she will not read this post). ;p

But the fried rice was still good, and I ended up eating more portion than my normal dinner. ;p

Oh well, NDE #1 for me, #2 for my sister ;p.