Water is your best friend

I’m addicted.

Well, technically speaking I can’t be diagnosed as ‘addicted’ yet, but I can see the symptoms.

I’ve got three cups of coffee today, and I know that it’s not good.

But it’s just hard to resist the temptations, you know… When one of those good baristas say that, “Hey Marcella, do you want some coffee?” and I’ll just say, “Yep sure, why not?” without thinking.

And come to think of it, now I drink coffees twice a week (or maybe more).

This past week, I have coffee almost everyday actually, which is bad, I think.

And today, I’ve got Australian Travel Writing Festival as well at night, and they have wine and some proper cheese.

So I end up drinking a glass of 2008 Merlot and another glass of white wine which name escapes my memory.

Now I really think that water is the best drink so far.

The good part is: all the drinks mentioned above is free! ;p

Oh well, enough drinks for one day! ;)


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