The beauty of radio

Being invited by a friend, I have entered a radio course (out of nowhere) in SYN (Student Youth Network), 90.7 FM, during these past four weeks. I have no idea why I joined this course. My pronunciation is super bad, especially compared to the locals, I have no confidence in talking in radio, have no previous experience, and the greatest part is: I have never listened to radio before. Ever.

But joining this course opened my eyes to new things and equipped me with further skills that I may need in the future. First of all, I got to play around with the panels, mics, and radio software and such, which I may say very cool indeed. I have made a demo (a real demo in mp3, which I will hide in my external hard disc somewhere), and meet people that are really enthusiastic in pursuing their passions. It’s a good experience, and I may say, I’m actually quite proud of myself to have taken the decision to join the course.

The next question is: do I really want to be a radio-announcer? Well, not quite. The people there say that you can make your own show for 12 weeks (or three months) and actually be on air: LIVE. It’s really interesting though, except that my workloads have soared higher and higher and still higher. If only I can do a show once or twice, I MIGHT consider it (not really actually), but I feel sad to just doing nothing after spending 1 month learning about radio. But oh well, at least now I listen to the radio while I’m eating breakfast – I know more news than before, which is really important, I think.

Well, now that I’ve ‘tasted’ the radio thingy, the next stop will be: TV! ;p. The information session is tonight, so let’s see how it goes ;).

PS. I really do complicate myself lol. Instead of ‘subtracting’ stuffs to be done, I’m adding more!

Oh well, I’ll give you one of my favourite song in the radio now: JUST THE WAY YOU ARE by Bruno Mars! Hahah, enjoy!


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