Birdman Eating

mp’s rating: 4/5 stars

Have you ever wandered along a street and do not know what to eat, and suddenly see a restaurant with an alienated name that captures you in? Then you find yourself walking into the restaurant, seeing the dimly lighted room, with exotic decoration of Icarus (yes, Icarus, from the Greek mythology) flying above your head, and thinking, “what kind of restaurant do I come into?”

But then, the waitress with his professional marketing attitude, allocated you to the table with red and green chairs that match perfectly with the dark cafe atmosphere, and you find a candle in a small, tiffany blue glass that dims softly on the table, thinking – maybe it will turn out to be a good dinner.

Located in Fitzroy, Melbourne, with an infamous reputation for its breakfast menu, Birdman Eating Restaurant opens one more chapter in my food-o-logy in Melbourne. Going in with not much expectation turns out to be a superb dinner afterwards. The restaurant atmosphere is romantic (recommended for lovers or just casual catching-ups with friends), the food is cooked to perfection, the service is perfect, and overall a fantastic dining experience indeed.

Birdman Eating’s dinner’s menu consists of small platters, intended for sharing between people. And here’s the list of the five dishes for two people sharing that I have:
(ps. I am really sorry for the lousy image quality, it is too dark to take an image)
  1. Zucchini & fetta Fritters ***
    A delicate, perfectly cooked zucchini served with goat’s cheese. Never will be able to make it, it’s always a good thing to try something new.
  2. Grilled Ox Tongue ****
    Not knowing the real name of this dish (I think it’s on specials), this dish is just fantastic. The crispiness of the grilled ox tongue matches brilliantly with the greens they presented, not too overwhelming, but – just right.
  3. Sautéed prawns & chorizo with Spanish dry apple cider ****
    Another great dish. Six prawns with some other ingredients that suit seafood lovers.
  4. House made terrine with condiments ****
    Have you watched MasterChef 2010? Have you wondered how Callum’s terrine tastes like when he is praised by the judges? This house made terrine is superb, presented with a couple of sliced breads and onion relish – two thumbs up.
  5. Scallop *****
    Never knowing the real dish name, but this dish is just special. It’s definitely on specials, and really makes my day. The scallop is cooked to perfection that it feels melting in your mouth, presented with crispy bacon on top that compliments it with a brilliant mixed of flavour. Highly recommended? It’s a must-eat dish.

The service staffs are also equipped with the necessary skills needed to operate the restaurant. They know which kind of drinks that matches your taste, and they will recommend the food as well. A good technique of wine pouring, and a high service quality indeed.

Although it’s quite pricy (you will be looking for around $30 per person), I think one night of indulgence is needed. I do not recommend to spend your $$ on this kind of food everyday, but it’s good to have good dinner once in a while ;)

So overall, an outstanding dinner experience ;)


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