luna park: one day with Marcella ;)

mp’s rating: 2.5 / 5 stars

I opened my facebook and decided to make a new message. This time, this spring break, I am so going to go out with my uni friends. I have missed 2 dinners  and some outings before and finally, I sent a message titled, “Mind spending one day with Marcella?”

Listing all the options of our destinations are easy – choosing the destination is tricky. We have listed down all things from playing volleyball, going to Tulip Farm, going fishing, spending a day at Melbourne Zoo, and finally the choice fell to Luna Park.

Based in St. Kilda, Luna Park is Melbourne’s only (I believe so) theme park. I admit that it’s quite small – even smaller than my previous thought, but nevertheless it will still be fun when you are out there with your friends ;). So there we were, five of Melbourne University students, ex-Critical Thinking-ers, roam around Luna Park and St. Kilda on the 30th of September 2010. It was a day to remember!

Bip-bip. 9:27 AM. A message from Esther.
“Team esther in place, alpha team come in at once. Attack will b at jacks d hungry outside d barricades of cards. :) see u guys. Missing u already. :P”

translate: Esther’s already in Melbourne Central, come here quick! I’m waiting at Hungry Jacks outside the MelCen station. see you guys. Missing you already! ;p.

Laughing and smiling uncontrollably (exaggeration mode on) at her message, I was still thinking on which Hungry Jacks it is. I knew there’s one Hungry Jacks just outside the Melbourne Central, and I had no idea what “barricades of cards” mean. So I called her, asked her to decipher her code, and finally met her after 10 minutes roaming around. Apparently, it was not only me who did not understand the code, another friend asked her about where to meet as well ;p.

A message from Esther (again):
“When I say barricades of card i meant metcard ppl. right after u come out from d train station. next to sushi sushi. not cool, ppl, not cool. -.-“

Alright, then came Joel, Ruiting, and Amy. Breakfast was on Joel, he bought some doughnuts and I admit, it was my first doughnut here in Melbourne!

After having some chitchats about Vampires (the anime version, the Twilight version, the Vampire Diaries version, and so on), we almost missed a tram and run towards the 96 St. Kilda tram, chasing it like in a Korean drama scene, but in the end we still missed the tram (so sad). The weather was so good, and yeah, lots of narcissism were practiced that day.

Arriving at Luna Park and buying the $37 unlimited ticket ride (10% discount because of MetCard), we finally crashed the place! From the chinese-dragon thingy to the Paraoh’s Curse (which we rode twice), everyone had a massive fun.  Well, at least I did ;). The theme song for the day was: Despicable me (by the Minion’s voice), which Ruiting imitated brilliantly. Plus, I had my first hot dog in a year (I think) and it was great! I really think junk food is the best for times like that ;p.

Here were the list of rides that we went through:

  • Carousel: your usual merry-go round, with NO cameras allowed. Hmmmm, that’s weird ;().
  • Enterprise: So weird but true. No safety belts, but the force of gravity or other physics force terms are able to keep us in one piece while rotating 360 degree, upside down.
  • G-force: goes round and round and up and down…
  • Ghost Train: NOT recommended to anyone. Except for those who want to laugh about the ‘experience’ afterwards. It’s a long queue, a weird attraction, and overall, doesn’t resemble anything  near a ‘ghost train’
  • Holodeck: a simulator kind-of thing. The best part of this attraction was the friendly conductor and cute little girl from South Africa ;)
  • Metropolis: red-blue jet-coaster that turns out to be better than I expected.
  • Paraoh’s Curse: our favourite ride ever. It goes 360 degree, with 5 seconds of ‘pit-stop’ when you were sitting upside down, 100 m from the ground. Our theme song in this ride was: twinkle twinkle little star ;p. We literally SANG the song LOUDLY (or maybe ‘scream’ the song was the right word). But NEVER take this ride with your iPhone (or mobile phone) in your pocket. I was panicking all over because of the safety belt (it was so tight and I thought that the force would split my iPhone into two parts, so I was holding my phone during the entire ride. not cool)
  • The Scenic Railway: white jet-coaster that was scary because of the safety reasons. There was actually a person standing to ‘navigate’ the jet-coaster and ‘pull the brake’ and such things. I admit, it was scary because it was a very oooolllddddddd jet-coaster. ;p
  • Spider: goes round and round as well
  • Street Legal Dodgems: your usual bumpy car.
  • Twin Dragon: a chinese dragon boat kind-of-thing which doesn’t let the people to stand! so sad ;( I love standing in this kind of ride

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Luna Park was great, but I really think it can be so much improved. I thought that the rides would be so much thrill, but now I am really proud that Jakarta’s theme park, Dufan was a lot thrilling and bigger as well ;p. Kinda sad but true, the service was not as high as I expected, and the level of cleanliness was a little bit disappointing as well. But wherever you are, when you are with your friends, it was still so much fun ;). And yes, I still recommend people to go there once in a while, to see what Melbourne’s theme park looks like and just relaxing and have fun, but I don’t think I’ll go there again (EXCEPT with friends, of course! lol).

After going to the rides, we went to St. Kilda beach, took some weird photos (and seriously, there were people who were eating dinner, were taking pictures of us as well), and went back to the city and ate Ramen. The day was closed with Esther’s message once again:
“Today was awesome ppl, thanks for ur company. Had truck loads of fun. :)”

As an ex-Critical Thinking-er student, who had a tutorial with you three (sorry Joel, you were not in my tutorial) and a current Psych student with the three of you (sorry Amy, take psychology next year!), I really do have fun with you guys! Having lunches together and sitting together in lectures have been great ;).

Next stop: Joel’s place, cooking dinner, and watching HORROR movies!

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