1000 years

Although I have made a poem with this title, I think it’s alright to use the title once again. Come to think about it, I really want to live 1000 years. I don’t want empty, lonely, and meaningless 1000 years to live (and it’s better to live 50 years full of life and blah…) but yeah, for now, I really want to live 1000 years. I want to do too many things that maybe living 10 lives would not be so bad either.

I have so many dreams, and I just realised that I have so limited time to do all of the dreams.

  1. I want to be a travel journalist – I really want to travel the world, write, and let the magazine or newspaper agency pay the bills.
  2. I want to work in Disneyland and just be the usual Front Line Employee (the ‘Cast Member’) that interact with people and get to put a smile on a child’s face.
  3. I want to open up my own cafe – with such a unique environment and theme (can’t tell you, it’s a secret ;p, and main product: brownies).
  4. I want to live in China or Hong Kong for a year or so to learn the language.
  5. I want to work in five stars hotels such as Ritz Carlton and be the General Manager there.
  6. I want to go travel the world, get to taste all the exotic food and let my husband pays the bill lol.
  7. I want to go skydiving, camping, rock-climbing, hiking, surfing, and such.
  8. I want to know what bungee-jumping feels like.
  9. I want to learn how to do skateboarding, and I really do want to learn how to do ballroom dance.
  10. I want to take a winery course and learn all sorts of wine – which one is the dessert wine, or which one goes better with eating steak and which one with fish.
  11. I want to have my own radio or TV show.
  12. And when I have ‘LIVED’ my life, I want to publish a book (or books, lol).
  13. I want to write my own biography and impact at least one person.
  14. I want to volunteer in community centers, hospitals, and learn how to interact with people.
  15. I want to go cycling to Albert Park and just sit there and see the sunset.
  16. I want to do random acts of kindness and give flowers to strangers on Valentine’s day.
  17. I want to own a black horse, and plant my own garden (although I NEVER do any gardening).
  18. I want to have Toothless the dragon as my pet, and I want to live in the country area of Melbourne, preferably near a lake, having a winery, and just enjoying life.
  19. I want to go to all theme parks in the world and play all the craziest rides.
  20. I want to have my own home theater.
  21. I want to watch broadway shows and indulge myself in fine dining restaurants.
  22. I want to go backpacking and just be a tourist – go to the zoo, take pictures – lots of it, go to historical places…
  23. Oh yeah, I really want to work in a museum and know the history of things.
  24. I want to volunteer to Fiji and teach English to the children there.
  25. I want to go volunteer with conservation volunteers and contribute to a better environment.
  26. I want to have my own magazine, distributed monthly (or maybe just a blog – but the one that actually makes money! lol).
  27. I want drive to Geelong and just see what’s there.
  28. I want to be a Disneyland CEO.
  29. I want to create magic, and actually make people believe in one.
  30. I want to be a baby sitter, playing with kids and read them bedtime stories, watch disney’s fairy tales and take them to theme parks or something.
  31. I want to be a teacher and teach children a new set of education… Not only the theoretical stuffs but about cultural values, religious values, and about life…
  32. I want to give more, I want to try to ‘live for the day’ and do not really ‘think about tomorrow’…
  33. I want to get married in Caribbean.
  34. I want to learn how to be a pilot and really do fly by my own someday.
  35. I want to do lots of trial and error, and dare to make mistakes.
  36. I want to make a difference.
  37. I want to be a poet (well a lousy one, but still)…
  38. I want to be a blogger! (haha I hope I’m one already ;p)
  39. I want to write letters instead of e-mails… (lol)
  40. I want to go to the North Pole (or maybe South) and see aurora.
  41. I really, really, really want to go to Greece. I want to learn the Greek mythology there.
  42. I want to go to Egypt and be an archaeologist! Dig up pyramids…
  43. I want to learn how to cook! (like proper cooking!!!)
  44. I want to go fishing and have my own boat lol.
  45. I want to spread the Gospel, be radical, contribute to the Kingdom of God, and make God to be proud of me.
  46. I want to be a psychologist that give seminars to the public!
  47. I want to have a chat with Hitler and ask him the reason why he hated Jews so much…
  48. I really want to meet Christian Paolini and thank him for making awesome Inheritance Cycle books… I’m waiting for the fourth one!
  49. I want to have a long, meaningful chat with Donny Dhirgantoro, the writer of 5 cm and talks about his values in life.
  50. I want to meet Lee Cockerell and thank him for reminding me of my love towards Disney.
  51. I want to meet Walt Disney and have a long chat with him, expressing my gratitude and learn from the best dreamer ever.
  52. I want to be a nurse! I want to help people and maybe, put a smile towards someone’s face for the last time.
  53. I want to climb a mountain, like proper climbing and maybe put a flag on top of it!!! lol
  54. I want to learn how to make coffees… and actually know the difference between a mocha, cappuccino, latte, flat white, long black, macchiato, babychino, etc…
  55. I want to learn how to make pastries, cakes, and desserts!
  56. I want to own a dog… probably just a mini pom… or maybe a golden… play frisbee maybe?
  57. I want to script write a movie and actually see the movie published!
  58. I want to watch all good movies and write all the reviews
  59. I want to read all good books and write reviews for them as well
  60. I want to have knitting classes and make scarf, blanket, etc.
  61. I want to do more sports.
  62. I want to be remembered. I want people to remember my name. I want to impact people’s lives.
  63. I want to eat more, laugh more, cry more, love more, and live more.
  64. I want to dream more, hope more, and wish more…
  65. I want to be more…

I know that people nowadays do not dare to dream. We live in a world that presses the so-called ‘reality’ to us. People just dream to have a decent job, get a good amount of money, and life ‘ordinarily’. But sometimes, I want to dream more. I want to dream further. But we all get to the border line, thinking that ‘these dreams are not going to happen’ or ‘it has too many risks, it will hurt more if I fall’. But…. we only have one life. it’s not 1000 years, it may be only 70-80 years. It may be even less than that.

A friend said to me, to know what you really want in your life, try to imagine this: you’re dead, and it’s your funeral. Some people got the chance to deliver a speech in your funeral. One person may be a family, and another is a friend. Perhaps your children or maybe even strangers speak up in your funeral. What would you want them to say? Those things are your values. And if you die today, what would these people say about you? Have you lived your own values?

dare to dream. even though we are not going to live 1000 years, but dream more. I guess it’s a part of living life more ;).


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