fried my brain cells.

Hiya guys how are ya… it’s been the most, extremely hectic month ever and I don’t know why I’m still writing this post instead of doing my assignment… Well it’s not too bad actually, but I was just exhausted (physically) and somehow I’d like to take 30 mins break before I’ll resume to my psych assignment due this friday (and I have only done like 5% of it). uh-oh.

So where should I start? Maybe it’s best to start with this morning. I got up at 5.45 am and was getting ready for my work at 8. The best part is: I was living in Bulleen before and needed to go to the city for uni, and now I live in city and I need to go to Ivanhoe (two stations from Bulleen) to work. How cool is that…;p. But I really, really like my workplace, and actually I don’t mind travelling. But I just haven’t got enough sleep lately so… *sigh. Alright so I went to work, learned how to make sandwiches (and trust me, they are really YUM! ;p), and had a cup of mocha (bad, bad Marcella), and did some floor staff work. Then I traveled back to uni to meet some friends for group meeting but everyone gets mixed up with the dates so we canceled that meeting and did some individual research instead… I did some catch ups with some friends (replying emails and messages) in the train (because I was soooo sooooo busy and my memory just doesn’t serve me right… I ALWAYS forgot to reply messages and emails… horrible TT). Then I sit here in Bailleu library trying to figure out what I should do next, and decided to take a break first before I got caught up with my psych work, which I have around 3 hours to finish the draft (I WILL finish the draft by today, AMEN.). Phew, so there you go, my hectic day today.

Just to add things up, I think I mentioned before that I moved to the city just 3 days ago, and the last couple of weeks were just: hectic. My sister and I were going to uni, studying, doing assignments, working, etc and at the same time we need to search for furnitures (sofa, TV, microwave, etc), and arrange for gas, electricity, telephone, mover, internet, etc (which my sister did brilliantly. (PS. sis, if you are reading this, I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH for doing all those stuffs ;p). Anyway, my parents are here for holiday (yeaaaaaaa no need to cook for a while), and I need to spare some time to be with them as well so…. yeah hecticcccccc!!!!!

For the next couple of days I still need to: work, do some church stuffs, call the Australian government or whatever to have my tax file number, uni, 1 more assignment to go until holiday, 2 bloggings for 2 of my subjects in uni (1 each per week), go out with my family, catch up with some friends (I’ve been a very, very horrible friend I guess TT. I’m so sorry guys…), and… have fun! (of course ;p)

And yep, it’s pretty weird that I post these stuffs anyway, but I just feel like doing it (hahaha).. so sorry to bother you guys with some not-important-news after all…

And yeah, just for closing, right now I’m loving the song “Happy Ending” by Mika. The lyrics is not that good actually (oh well… I’m not heartbroken or something! lol) but yes I just love the song…


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