the best 5 hours ;)

As some of you know, I’ve just got into a training this week (*wink) ;p, which I really, really do not expect to have.  I applied with no hope at all (just “ahh… whatever.. just post the resume”) and yea, I got a call ;). I’m not ‘officially employed’ yet, but I’m really hoping to be one real soon ;).

And you know what? It’s just so great! I never ever thought that it will turn out like this. God works in mysterious ways, yes He does!!! And I’m really, really grateful! He doesn’t just give me what I want (and maybe a lil’ bit need…), but He gives me the BEST!

I have a very kind manager, assistant manager, and co-workers. The place is not really crowded, so it’s a good place to start and to learn LOTS and LOOOTSSS of new things (and I DO mean: LOTS). The things that I never knew existed, and yes, a very good environment indeed ;). I’m still struggling to know my way around, but i hope I’ll get hold of it soon…;).

And I can’t believe that as a trainee, I’m allowed to take home so many things! (like really, HEAPS of them) ;). Well, it’s maybe just like a rush excitement on your second day of training, but I think it’s a good start lol.

So I think now is a good time to sleep (sooo tired after standing for 5 hours straight) and au revoir! ;)


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