Life is (not) unfair

People used to say that, “life is unfair.” There are people who live in poverty and the people who live in great wealth. There are people who have everything they need without even have to work for it but there are people who fight just for a bowl of rice. There are people born with great brains that can study in 10 mins but there are people who spend 10 hours learning something and still can not figure it out. People say that life is all about inequality. It’s about unfairness. But is it?

Remember the story of Peter and John? After Jesus was risen from the dead He showed Himself to His disciples. At that time, Jesus said to Peter, “Follow me.” But Peter hesitated, and instead, he said, “Jesus, what about John? Why don’t you tell him to follow you as well?” (this ‘follow me’ context is about living a ‘hard’ life, which is Peter foresaw that he would die as a martyr). How often we are like Peter? When Jesus tells us to do this, we ask Him, “Lord, why not ‘him’?”

Sometimes in life we associate life with unfairness. And as Christians, we live our lives ‘following’ God. And God is the one who creates life. Doesn’t that mean we say, “God is unfair”? If unfairness exists in this life, and life is what God creates, does that mean God creates this unfairness, that there are the people who live in poverty and others who have great wealth? Yes, the world has sinned and the unfairness of life is happening because of the sins. But how many times we say to the Lord, “Why, Lord? Why me? Why not them? Why is life unfair to me, and not those people, Lord?” Isn’t it the same as questioning and complaining to God, blaming God?

In John 21:21 Jesus clearly says to Peter, “If I want him to remain until I come, what is that to you? you follow Me.” In other words, God says to Peter, “It’s none of your business! The thing that you need to focus is to ‘follow Me’!”

There are two critical points that can be drawn from this verse.

1. It’s not our place to judge!
Jesus clearly says to Peter, “What is that to you?” which simply means, we, as humans, do not have the rights to question God! If He wants us to be in here, to be in there, to be like this or that, we have no rights whatsoever to ask Him, not to say complaining! Maybe we see that life is unfair, that maybe sometimes we as Christians are having ‘less’ than those who do not believe in Christ. But is life really unfair? We say life is unfair because we only see through our own eyes, and not God’s! He’s the one who creates us, He’s the one who is rightful to give us 5 talents, 3 talents, or even 1 talent depending on our ability. God is fair, God is righteous. and that’s enough for us. But like Peter, we used to say, “Why?” God really tells us that it is not our place to judge!

2. focus on following God!
People usually are so entangled in seeing others, in comparing themselves with others, but the point is, “You follow Me.” It’s straight and simple, we no longer focus on ourselves, and about ‘we think we deserve something better’ and about ‘the neighbour’s grass looks greener’, but God simply calls us to ‘follow Him’. to FOCUS on following Him and doing His calling in our lives.

When life seems unfair and being a Christian may be unfair as well, we never loose sight on what’s important: Life is NOT unfair. It is us who makes it looks unfair. this should be seen through God’s glasses, and not ours. And it’s really not our place to question His authority. We need to focus on our own calling and follow God. and that all that matters.

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2 thoughts on “Life is (not) unfair

  1. RAPTR says:

    Peter judge or questioned Jesus? aku agak bingung, keliatannya dia lebih ke “mempertanyakan” / meragukan keputusan Tuhan itu.

  2. Peter questioned, not judging, what I mean from the point is we are not to judge not God, but lebih ke arah judging the others gitu… like org lain dapet a, aku dapet b… it’s like judging the condition and then questioning God,… kykny agak membingungkan hehehe

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