TV: My Heroine Without an ‘e’

I love to watch TV. Don’t believe it? Ask my family. Still don’t? Ask my housemates. I really do love to watch TV that I literally will sit in front of it for around 3 hours per day. Oh no. This is not good.

I have told myself so many times that I need to quit watching and do other ‘useful’ stuffs. The thing is, when I already sitting on the sofa, with blankets on, I will be stuck there for another 2 hours at least, or if I’m lucky my sister will start telling me to go upstairs ;p. Hahah, I guess I love movies too much ;p.

Some of you may have noticed the category “Play, Pause, Stop, Rewind” that I have here in my blog. Those are all my movies’ summaries, and I guess that proves how much time I’ve spent on watching all those movies ;p. Enjoying life, eh? Hmm, maybe a little bit too much.

During my high school years my favourite hobby was something that I named “DVD marathon”, which was the turning of my room into a home theater (lights off, AC on, blanket on, snacks on, drinks on, and TV: ON). I could watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy without a pause, and then Pirates trilogy, yada yada yada.. until 3 am in the morning (of course, this was done during the holidays). Addictive as it is, she (the TV) was my heroine. or not. I would say she is my heroin. ‘Cause she makes me to grab the remote and turn her on again and again and again…

So, the question is: how will you (myself) quit watching TV? (err rephrase: to decrease the time spent on watching TV in a proper amount? ;p) I used to lose track of time and suddenly, it’s 9 pm!! (confession: I was watching Wall-E and Shrek 4 before this ;p). So, the 3-4 hours that I spent watching can be used to do something else! e.g. do the subject readings (not), read the Bible (yes!), do the assignments (not…), find a job (yes…?), quality time with God (a big yes!), quality time with my sis (a big yes as well but she says our quality time is ‘overlimit’ already ;( haha), and many other useful things! And have I told you that facebook-ing is another heroin as well???? And I guess in some parts facebook is even worse. I use it to ‘search’ for the ‘latest news’ a.k.a gossips there. Not good.

Okay, here’s the deal: Starting from now, Marcella Purnama, you will only be allowed to watch 1 movie per day (equals to 1 hour and 30 mins to 2 hours in leisure time), period. Phew, I hope I can manage to do this one. I need to bring back my TV’s dignity! ;p Let her be my heroine again, who comforts me when I’ve got too many assessments or makes me relaxed and fills me with refreshment when I need one, instead of my addictive poison! ;p


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