Reflection: Year 1, Semester 2, First Week of Uni

The first week is officially over! I know that it’s still Thursday but that’s the good thing of having a Friday off! ;). I’m so happy for the fact that I’m having a look weekend every week. Let’s see how this goes… ;)

First of all, I want to recap on last semester’s subjects. I took From Homer to Hollywood, Psychology, Critical Thinking, and Creative Writing. Since I’ve got the results of these four, I think I should do some revisions on what I’m getting and not getting in the subjects… So, here they go:

1. Homer to Hollywood. I was so surprised that the result was a lot better than I expected! It was not the best result I could get, I know, but still, seeing how much effort I put into this subject (and believe me, it was not much – I put most of the effort last minute prior to exam ;p), I think I have got a fairly good result. Well, although I didn’t study much from this subject (except it broadens my knowledge about the history of war), I think I managed to learn about how to make good essays, how to talk in tutorials and build up confidence to talk to locals. I did not really like the subject because it was so hard, but I ‘kinda’ like the materials (I like history sooo much ;p)

2. Critical Thinking. Can’t believe the result for this one either. I was hoping to get an H3 or maybe an H2B. It turned out to be better that expected as well ;). Although I did hate this subject for giving so many tasks and assignments to do, this subject teaches me to critically think about reports, researches, and many other things. I didn’t realise its impact until I begin to ‘criticise’ some research papers that are brought in my psychology class. Pretty cool ;p.

3. Creative Writing. The result was… Well at least I was not failing. hahah ;p. I wasn’t really happy with this result but I couldn’t do any better if I can redo this subject again so… It was okay. ;p. I think my ability to write is so much below the standard. Gotta to improve lotsss of stuffs!

4. Psychology. This is the subject that I was and am totally proud of, excellent result indeed ;). I was so amazed by the result itself. My first assignment in this subject was not good (it was ‘okay’), and the assignment carried 40% so I thought I would not do that good in this subject. I did study ‘hard’ during the exams (even though I watched TV and DVDs as well ;p), and I’ve got an amazing result. God is sooo goood! ;p

Okay those were the recaps. Now coming to the second semester’s subjects! I take Psychology, Globalisation, Culture media and everyday life,  and Principles of Marketing. Psych and Marketing are amazing! I totally love both subjects and I am really eager to learn much more about those two (attention: eager is different than the action to study itself…). Anyway, we are learning about human development in this first week of Psychology lecture. It is all about the development of personality and genetics for early development of humans (under the age of 5). and it is soooo interesting ;). Marketing is awesome as well! It is studying about customer value and I always have the passion in hospitality area so I was totally engaged in the lecture this morning. Hope to learn more in these two subjects ;)

For Globalisation and the Culture subject, I can say from the very start that THOSE TWO WILL BE VERY HARD. Each subject has about 20 pages of readings per week, and the concept and understanding are so alien to me. I am interested in these subjects, but I really feel I’m going to struggle in these. Just hoping that I will do my best (and get the best results as well ;p).

Another interesting thing in this first week uni happened in the Marketing lecture and tutorial. In Arts subjects, there are around 80-90% locals and 10-20% Asians in both lecture and tutorial. In Marketing, I see 90% Asians and 10% locals!!! I NEVER see soo many Asians in Melbourne University before. I am really shocked. ;p. Especially when I am the ONLY ASIAN in both of my globalisation and culture tutorial (well, the other Asian has been here for a loooooooonnggg looooonnnggg timeeeeeeeee… not faaaaaiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrr >.<). And guess what? In my Marketing tutorial, there are only 3 locals, and 4 of the Asians are Indonesians. I AM SHOCKED. I NEVER see another Indonesian (well, except for one guy I know before I go to Melbourne)  in my subjects. Well, pretty weird. hahah.

I have so many high hopes for this semester. Hope that I will do my best and enjoy uni all together. I’m thinking of joining a club as well (it’s an international club where the locals are willing to improve our poor English… Since I am going to major in media com… I think I NEED to improve my English skills ASAP. I know how horrible my English is ;( )

So, many plans ahead… I’ve got a good first semester, so I hope this second semester will be brilliant! ;)


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