MasterChef Australia: a Tribute to Callum ;)

I may not know your last name, Callum of MasterChef Australia 2010 (;p), but I will definitely go to your restaurant someday (with my boyfriend’s paying, of course!) when you open one! Watching MasterChef for the last couple of months really strikes me with a lot of new inspirations. I am inspired, revived, energised, and motivated. I love this show so much that I can’t help missing even one of the episode. A good one, a great one: a masterpiece show.

Even though I like to eat, I never have the ability to cook. My first omelet was a total disaster. The first time I tried to fry an egg turned to be a very ‘overcooked’ one. But hey, I like to watch this show. Even though I haven’t improved any of my cooking skills, this show improves other parts of my skills. They are: passion, hardwork, character, and love.

Number 1: passion.
This show is all about passion. All the people who enter the MasterChef have the same passion: cooking. And they live up their passion. Knowing that other people still having passion and truly living in it makes me want to pursue mine as well. It’s not too late to be living your dreams! It doesn’t matter if you’re in your twenties, or fifties! It matters if you live your dreams and pursue your passions, NOW.

Number 2: hardwork.
If someone says that to land on the star that is yours, you only need to pursue your dream, I would not believe it. It takes hardwork as well. Everyone can dream; everyone can write a thick 1000-pages book about their dreams and what they want to become. But not everyone has the guts and the will to really get their hands dirty and do the hardwork. Hardwork takes time, takes courage, takes strength, takes skills, takes your heart and soul and everything you’ve got. But it the end it’s worth it, isn’t it?

Number 3: character.
If you’re really good with what you’re at now and you have the skills to live up your dreams, remember: it all means nothing without the perfect character. I discover this along the show as well, while some of the participants lost my respect completely when they open up their true characters. Develop your characters. A good character equals to a thousand diamonds.

Number 4: love.
It’s either loving what you do or doing what you love. It’s up to us of how we want to interpret the things we are doing. Are we trying to love what we are doing, or we want to do what we love. Sometimes it’s both, but sometimes it’s not. I really like what Callum said in the grand finale, “do the job that you love.” and I guess if we all give one more recipe, love, to all that we are doing, it will be perfect.

Even though Callum didn’t win the MasterChef title, but I think I learn from him the best out of all other contestants. He is still 20 years old, but he is living his dreams right now. Will I be anywhere near him when I’m 20? I don’t know yet, but seeing him so true, living his dreams, really makes me eager to live my dreams as well. He’s got the passion, he’s got the hardwork, he’s got the character: the modest, honest, hardworking, kind, friendly, and yet – supportive. Even though he IS one of the top chefs, he is not being arrogant. He always got the ambition to win but yet he supports his friends as well. And what stands out for him is the amount of hardwork he has. He is like a machine gun that never runs out of bullet (exaggerating, I know ;p). But hey, he learns soooo much in the MasterChef show and most of them is because of hardwork. And do I need to say that he’s got love? He has a lot of it! He loves what he’s doing, he gives out love to everything he’s doing. And I love to look at someone like that, I bet everyone loves to. Callum is my winner today, even though I’ve got the non-supporting Australia behind my back. ;)

I want to pay my tribute to the other contestants as well. Matthew and Callum are my favourites, there are no doubts about that. Both have their specialties in desserts, both are young, and both are hardworkers. They both have great characters, and I guess there are no better examples of people living up their dreams NOW. ;p

I want to pay tribute for Phillip, who is also a great chef. He’s a hardworking one, and I believe that he will succeed. I give my tribute to Jonathan, even though I don’t really like him, but I can’t deny his hardwork, concentration and his determination to win. To Marion, who is a genius chef and has a lovely heart. She lost my respect when she gave that immunity pin though, but I doubt that I will NOT do the same if I were in her shoes. To Alvin, I love your personality. I always laughed out loud everytime you do something or by just seeing your expressions light my day. I think he’s the kind of person you’d like to be friends with. To Jake, the silent one but I guess, an honest man indeed. He may not have the greatest dream ahead, but I think it’s a great job, an honest one, and a loveable one. I will be happy to go to his stand one day.

It’s true that some of them totally lost my respect (and they never earn it again). I don’t like the way some of them treated their friends, or being too arrogant, or there are some words that I believe they should never have said. Those of you who watch the show all along, you will know the people that I’m talking about. (good examples of having the skills but not the appropriate character)

Nevertheless, all of them are great chefs, with great passion and lots of hardwork. Well done!

And a tribute for the judges and all the other chefs! Love to hear feedbacks from them ;)

Furthermore, I super like the quote, “I hope I have done this dish some justice.” ;p

Lastly, one more tribute to Callum, you are a winner indeed, and I can’t wait to hear what you’re going to become. You’ve become a role model, a great one – at least for me. ;) Hope you’re doing great in Melbourne!


4 thoughts on “MasterChef Australia: a Tribute to Callum ;)

  1. -X-citeD says:

    Busettt… cepet aja bikin postnya huahauhhahaa… I would like to try that desserttttt… hehehe..
    Wah wahhh.. dah ada calon neh la? :p

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