Pizza My Heart (2005)

mp’s rating: 2.5 / 5 stars

It’s been ages since the last time I watched this kind of movie!!! Well, maybe not. I’ve watched The Proposal, Did You Hear About The Morgans, and all other drama movies this holiday, but I guess… It’s been ages since the last time I saw such a HANDSOME ACTOR!!! (ALERT: single status guys, I don’t recommend you to continue reading this… But for you who already have girlfriends… It’s ok.. =p)

Okay, first of all, I never knew this movie existed until I watched Hallmark channel today. And guess what? Eyal Podell is so CUTE! Erm, I never knew that guy existed as well until today. Oh well~.

Another romantic comedy genre movie, Pizza My Heart (2005), directed by Andy Wolk, is another movie that I would like to watch again. It is light; it is funny; it is all about love (and all the cliches, but well – I still like it ;)); and it is all about hot guys ;). Hmm, have I mentioned that the guy, Joe Montebello (Eyal Podell) is so HOT? Maybe I haven’t. And have I told you that I like guys who cook? (It’s because of MasterChef Australia…) And guess what? Eyal Podell in this movie is a top chef as well! lol

Adapted from Shakespeare’s most famous play, Romeo and Juliet, this movie tells the story about a girl and a guy whose families are enemies for life. Prestolani and Montebello, they will never be PrestoBello. Or will they? (And I can’t help it but laugh all along when I realised the family names, the acts, and even there’s a ‘pope’ there who ‘helps’ the couple ‘escapes’, and all the other Shakespeare’s hints! “Love, or Family?” GOSH!)

I have searched through Google and YouTube but I couldn’t find the trailer anywhere. I don’t think there is any so I put the synopsis instead. >.<

“This witty (and taste-tempting) made-for-cable updating of “Romeo and Juliet”–minus the bloodshed!– takes place in Verona, New Jersey, where two families, bitter rivals since their origins in Italy, are in charge of the town’s two most popular pizza parlors. Upon returning to Verona from college, Gina Prestolani (Shiri Appleby) is informed by her domineering dad Lou (Michael Badalucco) that, not only is she obliged to enter the family business, but he has also picked out her future husband! But Gina’s heart already belongs to Joe Montebello (Eyal Podell), a talented pizza chef–and of course, the son of Lou’s bitter enemy Vinnie Montebello (Dan Hedaya). This star-crossed romance is further complicated when the animosity between the Prestolanis and the Montebellos is amplified by the efforts of both families to expand their businesses.”

– Hal Erickson,

3 hours ago I was just entering my Mother’s room to have a chat, but I was stuck there for the next 1 hour or so to watch this movie. And I love the movie (and to spice up things, my second sister likes it too, and she also says that the guy is so cute! Those of you who know her, act surprised. lol). It’s a shame that I couldn’t find the quotes anywhere. Apparently it’s not in the Google (I have typed all possible words in the Google Search), so I just need to make up the quote myself. ;)

Quote 1, paraphrased: “I know you. I see you in the field everyday, caring about the tomatoes. You smell it, you see the colour, but it is never enough. All these years, you have been searching for the perfect tomato. And all along, the perfect tomato is been growing right next door.” (Joe’s brother saying to Joe)

Quote 2, paraphrased: “Why 8.22?” “Because that’s when my life stops.” “What time is it?” “10.22. Why?” “Because that’s when my life starts again.” “What time is it?” “12.01. Why?” “That’s when mine stops.” (Gina and Joe’s talking)

I really wish to find more quotes and clips and trailers but I have found none (I think this movie is so not well-known), but hey, I really like the actor anyway ;). Well, he makes me melt! Hahah, I feel like those high school girls when they talk about guys again. Gee, is this really me who’s writing? I hope not ;p.

Anyway, along my search, I find this. (RED RED RED ALERT: those of you who have cute guys phobia, you DO NOT WANT to play this…)

Well, overall, a good movie, cute guys, pretty girls, funny, and enough to light up your day (or night). Here’s an advice: Guys, (who already have girlfriends), cancel your cinema date, go to a rental, rent Pizza My Heart DVD, order some real pizzas, take your lover home, and do some home theater! lol

ohh wait a minute! I found something good! Enjoy~


3 thoughts on “Pizza My Heart (2005)

  1. Sue says:

    Yes–Eyal Podell is gorgeous! Fell in love with him playing Adrian Korbel on the Young and the Restless. If you haven’t discovered it already, he was in “Defying Gravity” on ABC last year. It only lasted the first 12 episodes, but I loved that one, too. You can find the series on DVD.

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