Julie and Julia (2009)

mp’s rating: 3 / 5 stars

It’s cooking! cooking, cooking, cooking… Cooking time! A drama comedy about cooking, hard work, passion, and… food? ;p. Based on a true story, Julie and Julia (2009) is a movie about Julia Child, an amazing cook who inspires Julie Powell to pursue her heart desire as well – to be a cook! Filled with humour and love, both Julie and Julia finally discover their passion in cooking, even though they have gone through hat making lessons, a miserable job, and all of other stuffs!

Following your dream. That is all what matters. No matter how old you are (in your 30s or even 50s?) you can still discover your passion, and live up to it! Julie Powell has always wanted to be a novelist. Well, yes she has an unpublished novel and she is stuck in a job that she hates, but she tries to try something new! Following a cook book and doing all the recipes in one year seems to be a very good idea (maybe I should try to do this myself? lol).

Okay, first of all, we need someone that we can look up to. Julie Powell looks up to Julia Child. Julia Child sets an example, and I find it’s good to find someone who you trust and of course – dependable. Seeing up, realising that someone has accomplished something miraculous, it’s sometimes – relieving. But of course, we cannot believe that ‘someone’ 100%, because no one is perfect. These people are our benchmarks, not more.

Second, we need PERSISTENCE. And furthermore, determination. Making all the recipes in a cook book in a year’s time is not an easy task. Along the way we may want to quit. DON’T. Believe in yourselves, believe that you can make it. Discovering your passion and dreams may take times, and the road my be bumpy. But it’s worth doing!

Lastly, never forget the people beside us who constantly support us – our lovers, family, friends. They are the ones who keep reminding us when we are wrong. We are humans, they are humans. They can make mistakes, so are we. That’s why we need each other to support one another, and guess what? It’s such a wonderful thing to do ;)

Haven’t watched this movie? Give it a shot! Especially those of you who looooooveeee cooking and FOOD! I love this movie so much that I even consider to buy a “cook book” for myself. =p. One of my favourite line in the movie is when Julie Powell says, “I have to murder and dismember a crustacean.” Phew, there’s a lot of fun in cooking!!

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