Remember The Titans (2000)

mp’s rating: 3 / 5 stars

“Before we reach for hate, always, always, we remember the Titans.”

And I do.

I always love this movie. The first time I watched this movie was two or three years ago when I was still in High School. I love this movie until now.

My last exam is coming (five more days!) but then I spent one hour and a half to watch this movie again. It is one of those movies which gives you magic – the one which rises up your spirit once more when you are down. If any of you have not watched this, I highly recommend this movie to all of you (and believe me, I do watch too many movies. Think I am going to comment on all movies that I have watched, if only I have the time!)

The plot summary goes:

“Suburban Virginia schools have been segregated for generations, in sight of the Washington Monument over the river in the nation’s capital. One Black and one White high school are closed and the students sent to T.C. Williams High School under federal mandate to integrate. The year is seen through the eyes of the football team where the man hired to coach the Black school is made head coach over the highly successful white coach. Based on the actual events of 1971, the team becomes the unifying symbol for the community as the boys and the adults learn to depend on and trust each other.” Written by John Vogel (

Based on true story, “Remember The Titans” (2000), directed by Boaz Yakin became one of the most known movie ever, especially among Christians. Starring Denzel Washington as Coach Boone, one of my favourite actor (and I just realised this earlier today, there is little Hayden Penettiere in that movie as well!), this movie is all about respect, honour, friendship, trust, and humanity. We all know the dark history of the segregation between the white and black men in America, with all the discrimination, racism, lots of betrayal, and dehumanisation. Black men are treated unfairly. Stereotypes humm through the air about all these so-called ‘blacks’. People say white and black cannot be one. But not in Titans.

“Remember The Titans” has so many aspects we can learn from. The friendship. The hardwork. But what I want to stress in this writing is not those. What I have learned from this movie today is from Coach Boone. It’s all about leadership, respect, and honour. In the movie, he says that, “I don’t care if you like each other or not, but you will respect each other.” Coach Boone is a great coach. And why is that?

  1. Coach Boone is a coach, he does not only know about how to master the outer game – football, but he knows how to master the inner game. In this analogy, the game does not only come to the skills you possess. It is about mastering the inner game – the soul power, as is said in the movie. Each one of the player in the Titans is a great player. They have the skills, they have the persistence, they have hardwork. But those are not enough, they need to have the soul power to master their own hearts and battle with their own stereotypes and mind about their own teammates. My teammate’s black. Yes, he is! So what? Before the players set their foot on the field, Coach Boone first teaches them to deal with their inner selves.
  2. A leader is not a leader, until he learns how to serve. Coach Boone does not only care about the winnings of the game, but he cares also about the personal problems of his players. When one of his player is pessimistic on getting to college due to his low grades, Coach Boone manages to help him and thus enables him to go to college. The best way to lead is to serve.
  3. RESPECT. This is a very valuable lesson in life. You may not like your boss, your teachers, your parents, your elders in church, your friends, but you MUST RESPECT them. There are some old sayings that, “If you want my respect, you have to earn it.” Well, at some parts it’s true but let me say, NO! It is time for us to respect everyone, show people the dignity they do or do not deserve. Who are us to judge whether or not someone deserves to be respected or not anyway? Every one of us is equal, and we pay others the respect that we want them to pay us as well.
  4. What maters most is not winning the ‘game’. It is a bonus. What matters most is the process. Coach Boone says that, “I’m not gonna talk to you tonight about winnin’ and losin’. You’re already winners ’cause you didn’t kill each other up at camp.” On the other occasion, he also says, “It’s all right. We’re in a fight. You boys are doing all that you can do. Anybody can see that. Win or lose… We gonna walk out of this stadium tonight with our heads held high. Do your best. That’s all anybody can ask for.” I really like the phrase “with our heads held high”. You know, when we have gone through the process, master it, we become winners. Whatever others may look at us (the winning or loosing), we will have our heads held high, we are proud of what we have achieved, and that what matters. Sometimes we become too focused on the results and not the process, and loss all the way through the end. Don’t.

And for further saying, I really like the soundtrack. “Ain’t No Mountain High” is really a spot-on song for me. Great lyrics. Great friendship. The other song which I do not know the title (the lyrics goes, “Nananana, Hey hey hey, goodbye”), hums perfectly in my head until now. I can feel the atmosphere. I can taste the situation.

“Remember The Titans” is one movie which you will do remember. Martin Luther King had a dream. Others did not believe in him. The Titans put the dream into reality. And sometimes we need a little of faith to believe in our dreams. And if it can happen there, why cannot it happen to you now?
and P.S.: be a great leader with some tips from Coach Boone! ;p.


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