Mom, I love you =)

I made this poem when I was 15 (again), exactly when i turned 15. Although it sounds so lame (again), but hey, I did write that! hahah ;) this was the ‘birthday present’ towards my Mom on my 15th birthday ;)

When I was little, I had always been a naughty girl
I was selfish, didn’t want to do what my Mom’s told me
I was a bad-tempered child and had always been the laziest one

When I grew up a little bit, my personality hadn’t changed
In fact sometimes it might got worse
I never wanted to practice my piano lessons,
Nor studied my lessons at school

When the time came and I grew from a ‘child’ to a ‘teenager’
It was still much the same
I yelled, I cried, and I was angry for nothing
I denied every single thing and believed that I was right
I was the most arrogant person in the world

But my Mother has always guided me
She prays for me every morning and loves me always
She teaches me the rights from wrongs
Makes me a better person day by day

At first I didn’t understand
But now I know
She’s angry with me because she cares
She keeps yelling at me to study because she wants me to be a great person
She hugs and kisses me every morning because she loves me

She’s not perfect, I know
Sometimes I get really mad at her
But then I realise that she just tries her best to do what’s right
still forgives me, and never gets tired of loving me

and now as I grow older
I’ll try to do better
I’ll be more patient
I’ll be more responsible
I want to make my Mother proud

It has been 15 years since you love me
It has been 15 years since you care for me
And now I’m very grateful to have you as my Mother
No other person can replace you
You’re the best Mom that I can ever have!

Marcella Purnama
23 April 2007

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