DAD, I love you! =)

And here is the other version for my Dad… made when i turned 15 as the ‘birthday present’ for him,, ;)

When I was little, my father had always been a ‘hero’ for me
He had always stood by me, even though he knew that I was wrong
He had always accompanied me
From playing roller coaster to going shopping for toys

When I grew up a little bit, he still did the same
He stood by me when my Mother was angry with me
He stood by me when my Mother kept telling me to study
He bought me almost everything I wanted
And accompanied me to play bowling, billiard, and badminton

When the time came and I grew up from a ‘child’ to a ‘teenager’
I began to forget my Father
I didn’t like the same things anymore
I began to like shopping, less playing
But my Father had always been the same
He still accompanied me to do our triple Bs, and eat ice-creams afterwards

My Father had taught me many things
From simple things like how to play cards, bowling, and billiard,
Or how to drive a car
To important things like how to behave, to be a real person, and most of all
To be a responsible person

My Father is not perfect, I know
Many times he stood by me when it was actually my fault
Sometimes he lost control of his temper
Sometimes he’s mad
But I know that he already tried his best to do what’s right

I know sometimes I’ve made my Father sad
But he has always been patient to me, still cares for me
And loves me
He still likes to tell me stories, like the ones he used to tell me when I was a child
He still accompanies me, from going shopping to watching movies,
although maybe sometimes he doesn’t like it

and now as I grow older, I want to do better
I want to be stronger
I want to be more understanding
I want to make my Father proud

15 years have passed since you stand by me
15 years have passed since you love me
and now I’m very grateful to have you as my Father
I can’t ask for a better Dad
You’re the best Dad ever!

Marcella Purnama
23 April 2007

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