a writer.

I’d really like to consider myself a writer, even though I know, I do write so lame =) (well, sometimes it’s good to be proud of yourself, you know??=p). and I don’t even know whether the others want to read my writing or not, but at least I always know someone who does, it’s my DAD! =).

My creative writing lecturer says that knowing one person is interested in your writing is enough to get you going for years. I do believe that this is true. When you’ve got even only one compliment, saying that “hey, your writing is good”, you’re going to feel you have succeed. I’m probably not a good writer, or maybe not even close. but i want to add one more word: yet.

I’m not a good writer, yet.

What I really proud of myself (and maybe overproud I guess =p) is my saying towards my friend one day. He says that my writing needs some more ‘interesting stuff’ going on, but that means I need to ‘manipulate’ some aspects of it. What my reply is:

“The story does not need to be interesting. It’s a writer’s job to make it one – to be worthwhile to read.”
– Marcella Purnama

lol, I guess at some aspects it’s true, but saying so doesn’t make my writing looks more interesting though. hahah, I really have much more to learn.

Well, I’d like someday later it’s not only Abraham Lincoln’s quotes or maybe Mother Theresa’s or Martin Luther King’s that people remember. Someday, somewhere, somehow, I’d like someone, just someone, to remember mine as well =).


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