Psych: Science, Arts, or Christianity?

When I took that Psychology subject, at first I think it will be very scientific and such. You know, studying stuffs about the brain, and how humans behave, and etc etc. Later on I think that it’s a lil’ bit about arts, because psych people are very creative and very ‘artistic’, I may say. Now I think that it’s a Christian thing. and why is that?

People always say that when you do science, you will believe less and less in God and you tend to be a materialist (the person who believes that all things can be explained in law of physics and such). But you know what, I will really say the contrary!

The more I study science, or particularly, how the brain works, draws me more and more to the fact that there must be a God. Well, just think of this. Your brain consists of billions of neurons. Each neuron is responsible to generate Action Potential, in order for your brain to send messages throughout all parts of your body. And the mind. Do they exist? How can you describe that the voices inside your head – the mind, the being, the consciousness, whatever it is, is just something, or nothing? How can you explain that receptive field on your retina conveys all the world – this world that we live in? How can you elaborate the function of those ossicles inside our ear (the three bones) that are vibrating and somehow change the air pressure etc into the audible sound that maybe you’re listening now from your iTunes? Yes, maybe humans can know the structure. Yes, maybe humans can explain the functions of the frontal lobes, parietal lobes, and etc. But to what extent?

I wonder how people can think that this world, and all these things – happen just because of coincidence. Think about the Big bang theory. How can these complex structures – these lives we have, are nothing more that just ‘coincidence’?

I wonder how people can think as ‘there is no such thing as consciousness or mind.’ Hmm, then, how do you explain humans? their feelings? If you believe that your brain is the one which conveys all these so-called realities, then how can you explain the aches you have in your chest as you are broken apart, terribly sad, or just – heart broken?

Furthermore, how can you believe in love then? How can you believe in the most beautiful thing in the world, the closest thing we have to magic – as people define it? How can you explain free will? Certainly we are not robots. Or there will be no prisons. We’ll just say, “oh, my brain told me to do that.” Right?

Well, yes, people will say, “Prove that God exists.”

But let me put this the other way around. How can you prove that God doesn’t exist?

The dualism theory says that human is divided into two separate entities: the mind and the body. Doesn’t the Bible say that “Love your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind?” So I guess, Christianity has defined all of these earlier then?

And the more I study, the more I believe that this world is definitely created for humans. Do you ever wonder the fact if ever the earth’s distance from the sun is different, or the composition of the carbon dioxide to oxygen differs, or the number of rotation that the earth has differs, then, there won’t even be a ‘life’. A coincidence? Well, you can decide that…

And do you know that your brain actually can put INFINITE memories inside and scientific research proves that even the most genius person on earth hasn’t reached even half of his brain’s potential?

And have you ever wondered what life is for? You know, is there much more to life than just this? We are born, then speak our first words, growing up, going to primary school, and then university, get a job, have family, growing up your kids, and that’s it?

For me, life without purpose is not good. Really not good =p. Well, life should be lived with meanings, shouldn’t they?

Well, that’s what I believe… and that’s what I think…

I guess… When you are too damn genius or such you’ll be forgetting the simple things. Well, we can’t even determine when and where we are going to die right? Emm, welllllll you can determine when you’re going to die if you’re doing a suicide but, can you even determine when you are going to live? In 17th century? 20th century? Or… can you even know what’s happening inside your body while you’re asleep? Who’s controlling it? Definitely not your thoughts. Or consciousness. Or mind.

God, I really do think You are a genius.

Guess what? I can never believe that science and arts and these studies instead of breaking my faith, they happen to strengthen them. Lord, You are indeed creative.

So… I come up to the conclusion that Psych is not science, nor that it is arts, or both. Well, maybe it’s both. But it’s definitely a Christian thing. and my Dad is the best scientist and artist ever!


One thought on “Psych: Science, Arts, or Christianity?

  1. V says:

    Well… similar example, in one episode of House MD, House was trying to disprove a guy who claimed that he was a healer and he healed his disease just by Prayer. House thought he succeed as they later found out that the disease was counteracted by a virus which actually cleared it up. Dr Chase (the cute Australian) later said “but for the guy to get the virus, there must be a greater power to enable that to happen… it has to be the right kind of virus with right timing and could hardly be a coincidence…”

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