A good cup of coffee, and a very nice chat ;)

My ‘perfect’ plan for today is to go to Gloria Jeans Café, get a cup of coffee, and study psychology (my exam is in 3 weeks =p). I managed to go to the café, bought a vanilla latte, and sat down on the sofa and opened my laptop. The first half an hour I spent on reading lectures and such, but then I was very very sleepy and I decided to watch some videos in my laptop.

I began to watch videos during my high school years. It’s funny though, seeing your friends and you in that school uniform and just hanging around and doing ‘nothing’ – just enjoying your youth and stuff. By then I was editing the videos and making them into one long movie. Haha, not good ;p.

Then my Mom called. I talked to Mom and Dad for around half an hour and then I was back to editing and watching videos again.

After one hour of editing and watching videos, I began to feel guilty and started to open my notes again. It lasted for 15 minutes while suddenly an Australian man around his 40s with his newspaper and a cup of hot chocolate (I asked him later), asked whether or not the seat in front of me is occupied. I said it was empty, and we got into one hour of very good conversation. ;)

At first I was afraid (okay, he is a stranger, you are in a foreign country, it’s not your culture to talk to strangers), but he was very talkative (hahaha), and it was hard to go back to read your notes and study while he was talking. Thus, I decided to turn off my iPod, turn off my laptop, and had a nice chat with him. It was a good decision (even though it means that I didn’t study! Lol)

I didn’t remember the first thing we talked about – we talked about so many things, from travelling to countries, TV shows, parking tickets, traffic, where to buy good coffees, etc etc. It was fun ;)

He does travelling, a lot. He’s been to Canada, America, Japan, Tasmania, England, Switzerland, Singapore, and I guess many other countries. He said the next trip will be to Indonesia (hahaha, not a bad choice), but I got to warn him about a few things about Indonesia (because it seems that he assumes that Indonesia has a good public transport, is a friendly place, yada yada yada). And it was good to hear his experiences travelling to countries (buying a sandwich that was soooo expensive, getting to know new cultures, going to Universal Studio in Japan, bad gangs exist in America, etc etc…)

And then he started apologizing for disturbing my study and he was quiet for 5 minutes or so, but then we started to talk again (ahhaha). He told me about his job, I guess it was in an automotive something, and he said that it was very busy after the hailstorm. Well, lots of people’s cars bent after the storm, I reckoned some of my friends’ cars were broken as well.

After that we talked about TV shows, and he told be about a reality show in SBS something… can’t remember what the channel is… anyway, he told me that there were a group of around 6 people that came from England, and they were quite rich. These people were sent to Indonesia (waw), and they got to work in the farm or something. And these people literally couldn’t live there! They were like crying and such, saying that they wanna go home, yada yada yada… That was interesting. Hahah. And eventually we talked about Masterchef and how popular it is. And now I know that PIRATED DVDs EXIST in MELBOURNE. Hahaha, never thought of that before ;p. If they exist in Indonesia, I will definitely believe it, but in Melbourne? Waw. =p.

His experiences with cars were interesting though. He told me about good places to park your car, around 4$ or 6$ for the whole day near the city (and I already forgot where it was, I guess it was near the Victoria Market or something…) and speeding tickets, parking fines (and it cost him around 290$, felt sorry for him), and such things.

We talked until we got kicked out from the café at around 6.30 pm, and it was a very good experience. We said good-byes and he said that it was very nice to talk to me and how he was sorry that he disturbed my studying time.

I was smiling by then. I enjoyed the chat very much, and that proves that my English is not horrible! (haha, locals can understand me… with a bit of effort, I guess =p). But seriously, I never talked like this to a local before, and somehow I was really proud of myself to actually can talk and have a good chat with English native speaker (although at first I was very scared and I kept praying that this guy is a nice guy!!!). This is something that can never happen in Indonesia. You can never talk to strangers (seriously, now that I think of it, you will NEVER talk to a stranger in Indonesia). In Melbourne, you can talk to any stranger. In the bus, in the train, in the café, etc. Just saying “Hi, how are you?” and such might lighten up someone’s day. I know that person lighted up mine today ;)

So thank You, God, for giving me the opportunity to talk to him. Aside from improving my English, I’ve got good stories and a very nice chat. Maybe God wants to enforce my plan to go travelling after the uni? Lol (I just told Mom few hours ago about my plan to go travelling!)

Anyway, that was a very good cup of coffee (is vanilla latte considered a coffee?), and a very nice chat indeed ;).


4 thoughts on “A good cup of coffee, and a very nice chat ;)

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  3. @jamboreecolombia2010: I’ll think about Colombia as well ;) i really do want to go travelling!

    @embewaymn: thanks a lot! ;) i really really appreciate it ;)

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