Jakarta, oh Jakarta~

Well, I’ve made up a pretty huge list about Melbourne, and I guess it’s not fair if I’m not making one for Jakarta :)

So here’s the 101 things that I miss from Jakarta ;)

  1. I DO MISS JAKARTA! lol can’t believe I’m saying that ;p
  2. Jakarta has the most delicious ‘bakmi ayam’ ever ;)
  3. I miss buying ‘bakmi GM’ take away and then snuck it inside 21 theatre and eat while watching cinema! (haha, sharleen and deo,, do u remember this?? lol)
  4. and I can’t believe I’m saying this but, I MISS MY HIGH SCHOOL UNIFORM lol
  5. I miss driving… and in Jakarta, you don’t have to care about the rules, regulation, and just ‘nyodok2’…
  6. no need to head check while driving! there will always be a car beside you…
  7. Jakarta is on the equator. it’s HOT! haha
  8. watching the cinema is for “15rb” only.. (around $2 in AUS)
  9. miss my friends. a lot
  10. I MISS STUDYING MATH Extension 2!!! (Pak Kris will be very proud of me)
  11. i miss studying bio, chem, and phy as well >.< (Mrs. Ireng, Sir Djento, Sir Abe… how does that sound? lol)
  12. I miss going to Puri Mall after school…
  13. best frozen yogurt ever: SOUR SALLY!
  14. crazy photoshoots with friends ;p
  15. i miss the time when my camera really DOES her job!! hahah
  16. Dufan, Ancol, Seaworld,…
  17. MALLS: Puri, TA, PI, GI, Senci …my top five…
  18. going to cinema every week ;p
  19. doin HSC. it’s much easier than my course now (hahaha)
  20. the good conversation we have after church every week (haha u know who u are…)
  21. my best friend is in Jakartaaa!!! miss u a loooottt karinnn
  22. the parking ticket!! (‘2rb’ per hour!!! in here it’s around 8$ per half an hour in the city!!!)
  23. my mom’s “telor kucai”
  24. i miss “bubur mangga besar”
  25. I miss “Pepper lunch”
  26. i miss “HAY THIEN”!!!!
  27. i miss going to gym in Puri Bugar ;)
  28. i miss Pola Bugar… (badminton hiqs… TT)
  30. i miss “bihun bakso” at the school canteen..
  31. i miss all the teachersss!!
  32. i miss mission trip to Salatiga ;)
  33. i miss being young… lol hahah
  34. playing Nitendo DS at class!!!
  35. tournamen (8 people) of Mario Kart in NDS
  36. cooking mama in NDS! haha
  37. sweet seventeen parties… >.<
  38. my core!! i miss going to sukabumi and go rafting!
  39. miss the fun week we have every week in core… (and free food, of course xp)
  40. Karin, Nia, Joan, Sharleen, Edbert, Deo, …i miss hanging out with you guys
  41. playing iPod touch in chem class (Risaaaaaa….. where’s ur iTouch now… lol)
  42. copying friends’ past papers answers!! (especially Edbert, for chem, Siemon, for X2… lol)
  43. exploring the school (going to the roof, auditorium, etc without getting caught… after that the security was doubled. hahah ;p)
  44. movie marathon in my room (lights out, AC on, blanket on, and 1001 DVDs on!)
  45. reading Eragon, Eldest, and Brisingr like crazy…
  46. the COMICS! Conan, Harlem beat, and the others =(
  47. watching HBO and V channel…
  48. Discovery Channel and National Geographic!!
  49. talking on the phone for hours
  50. asking Mom, “What is today’s menu?”
  51. asking Mom and Dad, “let’s go to the cinema!”
  52. asking Mom, “we should have reflexology!!!”
  53. going to reflexology once a week (hhaha)
  54. baking cake with Mom
  55. playing billiard and bowling with dad TT
  56. seeing discount everywhere in the mall using the credit card!!!
  57. “my” BCA credit card… (or my mom’s ,,, hahah)
  58. Gramediaaaaa… way cheaper >.<
  59. carefour! grocery shopping… CHEAPER!
  60. 100 free messages with XL
  61. using less than “100rb” for a month… (for handphone)
  62. my broken nokia 6630…
  63. my ex-laptop, toshiba portege!!
  64. hang-outs with friends (watching cinema, window shopping, etc)
  65. knitting
  66. eating lunch and dinner in my room =p
  67. 46 kg!! haha
  68. my Frosty (polar bear doll >.<)
  69. my play station 1!!
  70. Final Fantasy 7,8; legend of dragoon, legend of mana, chocobo racing, and other PS1 games >.<
  71. my big bed
  72. my big closet!
  73. maids.. no need to clean the bathroom, bedroom, etc
  74. blue bmw B 2604 VE TT,,, miss u a loooottt
  75. my black billabong jacket… how come i didn’t bring you here…
  76. my good grades ;p (haha it’s hard to get one here, especially when you re doing ARTS!)
  77. sleeping for 12 hours
  78. drinking hot green tea every night with mom
  79. drinking baileys
  80. sleeping in the car after going somewhere lol
  81. Pizza Hut’s chicken wings and salad…
  82. crazy sleepover at Ryan’s house…(going to Ancol at night, playing bowling, cooking fried rice, swimming, watching horror movies…)
  83. watching horror movies with Deo! (plus Sour Sally, bakmi GM, etc etc)
  84. opening 21cineplex.com
  85. playing piano
  86. playing the black grand piano at school’s chapel
  87. doing crazy ‘movie’ with my ‘bahasa indonesia’ group
  88. BBQ with 12.2 class!
  89. all you can eat shabu2 in Paregu with nia.. quality time niiii!! haha
  90. rehearsing for Christmas school’s drama
  91. student union,,,
  92. stay up late because you feel like it (not because you have to do assignments)
  93. playing ping pong with Sumi etc.
  94. Badminton PE!!!
  95. crazy time in Timezone
  96. ice skating!
  97. going to Disney on Ice
  98. Bogor trip..
  99. catching up with karin,,, (dinner at Hay Thien,,, >.<)
  100. you.
  101. having the time to actually do all these stuffs ;)

My friends, I miss you!

My family,,, miss you tooooo!!

love you all ;)


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