Melbourne, oh Melbourne~

Hmm, it’s been almost two months since I arrived in Melbourne!!! There are so many experiences in the past almost-two-months, and so far it’s been exciting and yet funny and…

Okay, Here is the 101 facts about Melbourne (for a newcomer like me! lol, and it’s not in order so… =)):

  1. 1 hour driving in Jakarta = not so far because of the traffic; 1 hour driving in Melbourne: already OUT OF TOWN! lol
  2. always have oyster sauce in your kitchen drawer, it is VERY IMPORTANT
  3. it took me almost two hours to make a mushroom omelet, oyster-sauce broccoli, and chicken-carrot (okay here’s the indo:  telor campur jamur dibikin omelet, ngecah brokoli dengan saus tirem, sama ayam dengan bawang bombay plus wortel pakai saus campur2 haha lol)
  4. the easiest food to cook: mushroom omelet!! (although I never know this dish existed until I come to Melbourne haha)
  5. the city is full of INDONESIAN PEOPLE. you can always hear Indonesian language there.
  6. waiting for a bus is a pain. Once, i waited for the bus for 30 mins in the cold and guess what… it was WINDY! TT
  7. express trains are very convenient ;)
  8. when you go to Melbourne Central or Flinders Station or QV in the evening, usually there will be free goods handed (I got Parmesan cheese, a diet coke, and a lemon tea. hahah)
  9. always bring an umbrella even though it’s really sunny in the morning. the weather is changing in every hour.
  10. HAILSTORM DOES EXIST! I arrived in Melbourne on Friday, and suddenly on Saturday there was a hailstorm. and it literally flooded badly in the city (I was in the Pancake Parlour and suddenly the ceiling started dripping…wawwww).
  11. and yes do you read that? there’s a flood in Melbourne! (hahaha, I never thought of that before lol)
  12. suburb is wayyy better than city. it’s not crowded, at night the sky is full of stars, and it’s peaceful ;)
  13. the locals in Melbourne say “Hi, how are you?” at least 100x a day and I’m still confused how to answer this question.
  14. it’s hard to speak to the locals! (their english are wayy too good)
  15. in Melbourne Uni, in arts, 80% locals, 20% Asians.
  16. in one of my tutorial, i am the ONLY Asian there (well, the other Asian has already lived in Melbourne way tooo looonnnggggg). so out of 15 people, i’m the only Asian. you do the maths.
  17. skipping lectures are always good =)
  18. when you are travelling with trains and buses (public transports), most people listen to their iPods.
  19. Most locals have iPhone as their handphones.
  20. Most Indonesians have Blackberry as their handphones.
  21. there are people sleeping in lectures, opening facebook and emails through their laptops, and some even take pictures using their Mac!
  22. Most of students have MacBook as their laptops.
  23. Many people smoke and drink.
  24. in my driving ‘Learner’ test, i learn that “Pedestrians are always right.” But in reality most cars don’t give way to pedestrians.
  25. Parking is done in parallel in Melbourne.
  26. always bring extra food besides your lunch to uni (e.g. bread, cakes, fruits) or by the time it’s 2/3 o’clock, you will be cravin’ for food
  27. my first cake I made here is: brownies. It is by far the most edible (and i might say, delicious lol) type of food that I’ve made.
  28. Buses are always late or too early.
  29. People in Melbourne have 101 fashion styles (with all the colours, scarfs, boots, etc etc)
  30. stores are closed at 5!! (except for Thursday and Friday, where they have late night shopping)
  31. Ha! Late night shopping exists for Thurs and Fri! it’s until 8, i guess… (In Indo, stores closed at 10 pm and late night shopping can be until 2 am -_-“)
  32. I never see a ‘reflexology’ place in Melbourne (hahaha)
  33. mushroom-chicken noodle (bakmi ayam jamur) is sold for $8 and it’s not even delicious… in Indo it’s only $1.50 and it’s SOOOO DELICIOUS!
  34. Eating until ur stomach is full requires $8 (generally), in Indo it’s $1.
  35. KFC here doesn’t give any tomato and chilli sauce! TT
  36. but still, KFC here is very good ;)
  37. there ARE wild rabbits and wild kangaroos in some parks! (I’ve seen wild rabbits lol)
  38. prior to no.37, the wild rabbits that I saw is DEAD. (okay, I say dead wild rabbits). I’ve heard that they are poisoned because they breed too quickly (poor rabbit TT).
  39. Melbourne university is WAY TO BIG. it’s even bigger that Puri Kencana + Puri Inday in Jakarta.
  40. a baby girl is very cute ;) (my housemate just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl! lol)
  41. i learn how to cradle the baby! lol
  42. despite your need to eat, your WANT to eat increases 2x more than you have in Jakarta.
  43. your English is better when you speak to a person that has a good accent (hahaha)
  44. masterchef is my FAVOURITE TV show ever lol
  45. it’s hard to keep in contact with your friends TT (you need to really put some effort into it TT)
  46. During the first month, tutorials are killing me. it’s sooooo hard to speak in English.
  47. Singaporeans speak very fast ;)
  48. There are soooo many Malaysians students (I heard that they are funded by their government???)
  49. Most Asians take Bachelor of Commerce
  50. In Creative Writing subject, these people literally know HOW to write. no, not only that, they write BEAUTIFULLY (way to beautiful that I can’t understand their writing -_-“)
  51. In creative writing (again), the tutor ‘encourages’ you to write in DETAILS. the thing is, when i read a novel (e.g. Harry Potter or Eragon), i tend to skip all those details (e.g. green grass with a tall tree, with the blue sky and the clouds so beautiful as if it is carved by the wind… yada yada yada)
  52. standards of getting good marks are lowered ;p
  53. wash your clothes and iron them are way too exhausting
  54. cleaning your room needs to be done once a week
  55. heater is sooooo precious
  56. I just found out that heater exists in EVERY CAR! (even those in Indo,, haha)
  57. there are too many brilliant people in Uni
  58. hot mocha is a very good type of coffee. No more ice-blend cappuccino for me
  59. there are no 3-in-1 sachets Milo in here.
  60. I cheat Milo. I drink white Puro milk now ;p
  61. the cinema here is REALLY REALLY EXPENSIVE. $12. in indo, it’s only $2.
  62. the truth is, i still have never entered a foot in the cinema since i was here lol
  63. my Panasonic Lumix digital camera that has been adored in my senior high by me and most of my friends (it has served us very well) seems useless here. there are too many people with big black DSLR camera and the pictures are WAY TOO GOOD. lol
  64. illegal ‘rock climbing’ is nice ;)
  65. i exercise everyday, if walking is considered exercise ;)
  66. the only sport i’ve ever done here is: walking. okay, 2x jogging. oh wait, 2x playing table tennis as well. do they count? lol
  67. i miss chicken noodle (bakmi ayam), ‘bihun bakso’, big mango porridge (bubur mangga besar lol), pepper lunch, bakmi GM, bakmi Asoi, Hoka-hoka Bento, Korean food, ‘bakmi babat’, and lots more TT
  68. I miss my room
  69. I miss my dark blue BMW B 2604 VE.
  70. I miss senior high.
  71. I miss my mom and dad ;)
  72. wine is cheaper than i thought ($11 is enough)
  73. baileys is awesome!
  74. blogging is fun. hahah ;)
  75. the usual grocery shopping requires $30 (for a week, two people portions)
  76. potato chips are awesome!
  77. especially the Red Rock Deli: honey soy Chicken!
  78. no.2 potato chip is the Smiths: BBQ
  79. a cup of hot green tea every night is heaven (it’s cold cold cold!)
  80. evening + sitting on the sofa + blanket on + watching DVD or masterchef + eating potato chips + with a glass of hot chocolate / a glass of warm milk = heaven ;)
  81. anyway, talking to strangers are possible in Melbourne ;)
  82. my favourite restaurant in Melbourne for Thai food: Ying Thai
  83. for Italian food: Papa Gino’s
  84. for chinese food: Spicy Fish
  85. for Japanese food: the restaurant in Melbourne central, i don’t know the name of the restaurant… it has a very delicious ramen lol, and the gyu tan don is also delicious!
  86. for desserts: errr… the restaurant beside Ying Thai in Lygon street… it has roche flavor.. hahah,, and it’s NOT trampoline… hmm,,, can’t remember xp
  87. Shopping: DFO! (i’ve been there just once actually xp)
  88. the metlink is way to expensive ($169 for zone 1 +2 full fare monthly) TT
  89. going to uni: 7 mins walk to bus stop, 10 mins wait for bus (generally), 25 mins in bus (generally), 10 mins wait for train (usually), 30 mins train (usually), 15 mins tram (usually), and 5 mins walk… you do the maths!
  90. a fire alarm did ring in ERC library in uni… WAW!
  91. bus drivers are of two categories: the ones who let you sit down first before they ‘take off’ or the ones who drives like mad after you literally ‘get on’ the bus.
  92. there are too many cyclists. waw.
  93. in uni, sushi is the cheapest (less that $5), the most convenient, and the most practical food. plus your stomach is full.
  94. washing dishes, cooking, making the bed, cleaning the room, cleaning the bathroom, … i’ll get used to those ;)
  95. bread + butter + ceres + cheese + 10 seconds microwafe  (roti meses dengan keju) is a very good breakfast ;)
  96. typical breakfast: bread, sometimes a glass of milk, sometimes banana, or maybe biscuits
  97. in coles, we tend to buy everything that’s on sale ;)
  98. safeway and big w in QV are wayyy too crowded
  99. self-check-out counters are really cool xp
  100. breadtop is breadtalk in Indonesia ;)
  101. i think i can write another 101 facts about living in melbourne.

Hahaha, i think i need to stop writing or else i will write for 1001 facts of living in Melbourne! lol… to be continued… ;)


5 thoughts on “Melbourne, oh Melbourne~

  1. Howie says:

    wow … how did you come up with all those !! hahaha aku aja mikir seharian blm tentu dapat !!

  2. Roseanne (: says:

    Marcella, dahling, I do so love number 47! Shows simply how observant you are, LOL! :D

  3. yesss dahling lol, but i love talking to you though, although u must forgive me for saying “sorry?” “Can u say that again?” etc2!! (and imm soooorrrrrryyyyyyyy bcoz u need to repeat for a zillion times or so >.<)

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