I have made up a project to myself (if not I will never do anything for the rest of my life =p), which is to TALK TO ONE STRANGER each day. And this excludes the ‘thank yous’ to bus driver, and ‘hi, how are you?’, of course! =p

It’s hard to talk to strangers! Well, I’ve started this so-called ‘project’ 2 days ago and in the first day I only manage to talk one sentence to a mother who brought her 6 months old baby girl in the train, “She’s very cute.” Not quite an experience… But at least I’ve tried… (hahaha, this is an act of consoling myself =p).

Anyway, I manage to talk to a stranger today! Well, after letting go 2 opportunities to talk to other 2 strangers (I was very scared, I dunno why), I managed to talk to a girl sitting beside me in a tram to Melbourne University (the third opportunity lol). Well, I didn’t talk much, just asking of whether she is a student in Mel-U, and what major does she take, and where does she come from, and general things like that… But, I actually feel happy after that! lol.

Before I did actually talk to her, I was very sleepy and her face also conveyed the same thing. Furthermore, our faces were like… blank and as if we had a bad mood or something. But after we did start our conversations, we begin to smile and do our casual talks – and believe me, it feels good =). I manage to wish her a great day ahead, and I feel soooo happy (hahaha, unbelievably, I even laughed when I do write this down).

But hey, it will take little things to do greater stuffs right? It doesn’t have to be something big, what it needs is an action! (and this is my determination to start my actions). If I usually read novels in the trams and trains, maybe I will do less of that and engage people in conversations.

One time I forgot to bring my novel and I began to observe people – what do they do in the trams, trains and such. It is kinda sad when you see people just playing handphones, listening to iPod, and giving blank stares to each other. Very few people are seen talking to each other (excluding those who have friends etc traveling with them in the train!). Time can’t be repeated, so why don’t we use our time to actually do something good? =)

Soooooooooooooo,,, I’m going to do this (determined determined determinedddd), and we’ll see how that goes =). Who knows that I can share the gospel??? (well maybe it is still a looongg way ahead, but you’ll never know unless you’ve tried, right?)

Oh yeah, the plus point of this project is to build my confidence and to speak more fluent English! (hahaha)


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