1000 years

1000 years

I envy those birds
soaring high the sky above
No boundaries, no limits
Tasting freedom I never seize

Along the way you will realize
how important the baby steps
Silly little things you used to do
worth millions more than the routines do

And sometimes soon you’ll find the truth
how prestige clouds your mind with blue
Money and fame will do lure you
with their wicked traps and mask of fool

I wonder why that time in
the crossroad I chose this route
That brought me wealth, brought me fame
but took my humanity and took my life

Redo it over, oh how I wish
When you’re an artificial intelligent, living dead
Those times you spent deceiving others
You ain’t deceive no one but just yourself

Came as a girl, never return as a woman
For I’m bound with chains of foolishness
Putting a mask that never fits
An imitation of human, under my skin

Gold and reputation, I searched them all
But it’s just chasing the wind, all those years
Way too busy, shooting the stars
For the stars I already have,
I tossed them all, and not even glance

Selfish and Foolishness were my middle names
And Deceived was my first
But my last name hurts me so
Because it’s Death that I face alone

I’ve done nothing, nothing at all
Never I live, living my dreams
All those visions I have as a youth
Went drowning through the pit of gloom
Never believe it can come true

I want to breathe, I want to live!
Don’t drag me to the grave, I’m not done yet
I still want to tiptoe along the beach,
observing birds soar the skies above

I’m not done yet, never will
I’ll never taste life, but death I will
But I’m not ready, never will
I want to live a thousand years
My one last will.

Marcella Purnama
18 March 2010


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