you are a friend indeed :)

Dedicated to my best friend in the entire world.

Dear Marcelina Karina Jayaputra,

It just hits me very hard a few minutes ago. I’m going tomorrow and seriously, I’m going to leave. Looking back at our memories, I just feel like… damn, time flies too fast. It will be hard to talk to you on the phone, or hanging out with you, spending time with you… I guess it will be hard.

And I guess because tomorrow may be too late, I’m going to say everything today out loud. Thank you, for everything.

Thank you for being there for me.
Thank you for accepting me, no matter how horrible I am.
Thank you for listening to me.
Thank you for believing in me.
Thank you for reminding me of my wrong doings.
Thank you for spending time with me.
Thank you for your loyalty, your kindness, your optimistic character.
Thank you for letting me know what it means to have a best friend like you.
Thank you for making me a better person.
Thank you for being you – and be my best friend.

I’m sorry I’m not a perfect friend, but I’m proud and grateful for having a friend like you.


Well, u know…It is our 14th year of friendship…

People say that a birthday girl can have wishes as many as their age number. So I’m giving you my 14 friendship wishes for you :)

  1. A heart that always thirsty to seek God. :)
  2. A brain that will think before act. To stay optimist, and dare to dream for the future.
  3. Hands that are always open to help others in need.
  4. Feet that will stand up for the truth when everyone around you bows before wickedness.
  5. Eyes that will see way beyond what is seen, so that you will have faith in what can’t be seen.
  6. Ears that can listen those who are in pain.
  7. A tongue that blesses others and gives them encouragement.
  8. Strength to still keep holding on when everything goes wrong.
  9. Spirit to fight for your dreams when everyone else says it’s impossible.
  10. Wisdom to distinguish right from wrong.
  11. A soul that is thankful for everything you have.
  12. Faith to keep believing in God no matter what.
  13. Hope to keep clinging in God’s promises.
  14. and Love, to love God with all your heart, mind, and soul; and to love others just like yourself.

I love you, gal, and I wish the very best for you n your future (believe in God!)

I’ll see you very soon, and u know what? best friends forever :)


Marcella Purnama


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